September 15, 2008

Ad Review: Orville Redenbacher

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Orville Redenbacher Ad

Orville Redenbacher Ad

This ad is extremely strong because I can immediately tell what Orville Redenbacher is trying to say: that their hundred calories is much larger and more filling than other hundred calorie foods. Visually, the colors and the sizes of the objects are significant. The neutral popcorn is in direct contrast to the red background, which is also one of Orville Redenbacher’s colors.  The crackers stand out against the background as well, but not as much as the popcorn does.

This ad requires a bit of cultural understanding because the viewer must recognize that this is a play on a Pac-man video game. The popcorn is the Pac-man and the crackers are the Pac-dots. The Pac-man is so much bigger than the Pac-dots, so there’s a lot more popcorn in one hundred calories.

The ad is simplistic; there’s only a single line of text.  The graphics manage to get the point across fairly well, the text is only necessary to explain that the food shown is one hundred calories.  Orville Redenbacher with his box of popcorn is a recognizable logo, so there’s no need to write “ORVILLE REDENBACHER” in large text on the ad.

There really isn’t anything I would change about this ad, I think it’s very well done.  The only problem I have is that it doesn’t make me very hungry; I like my popcorn movie theatre style with butter.


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