December 3, 2008

Final Project: AIDS Walk New York 2009 Poster

AIDS Walk New York 2009

AIDS Walk New York 2009

To describe the New York AIDS Walk, I wanted to bring together several pieces that would visually portray to the audience what the event is about.  I included an asphalt road, a ribbon, a boot print, and a Manhattan skyline.  To make the poster visually stimulating, I used a selective color scheme and kept the amount of type to a minimum.  I only included the text that was needed to grab the viewer’s attention, then they could go onto the website to get more information.  I tried to give the ad a very urban feel because the walk takes place throughout the city and directly benefits many people who live in New York City.


November 11, 2008

TV Commercial Review: Apple iPod + iTunes Ad

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As a brand, Apple is known for their simplicity and focus on design as well as function.  Of course, their advertisements are similar.

– There are silhouettes against brightly colored backgrounds, which presents a strong contrast.  The bright colors catch the viewer’s attention.  The shapes of the people are detailed; not only can you tell what they are, but you can see hairs on the people’s heads.

– The energetic dancing along with the song presents the iPod as fun and exciting.

– I like how the people aren’t just randomly dancing, they’re connected to the song.  For example, when the singer says “1, 2, 3,” one of the dancers puts up 1, 2, and 3 fingers.

– The white iPods against the black silhouettes are iconic, and the white iPod buds are easily recognized.  However, the iPod itself is never really shown in the commercial, the viewer only sees the white wires against the black people.

– The commercial relies on some prior knowledge about ipods, computers, and technology, especially since the iPod isn’t actually shown.  The only words shown on the screen are “iPod + iTunes,” “Now for Windows,” and “” with the Apple symbol.

November 4, 2008

Music Video Review: Stars – Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

This video has a huge amount of artistic elements crammed into four minutes.  Most of the unique elements are achieved through camera angles.  A majority of the video is filmed from directly above the musicians or at the ice skaters’ feet.  Both angles create interesting silhouettes of the darker people laying on lighter-colored ice and the dark shadows moving along the lighter ice rink.  When the camera films from up above, it makes the symmetry more obvious, such as during some of the synchronized skating parts.

I also like how there is a large amount of contrast.  The video is in color, but there are more blacks and whites than grays.  This, along with the camera angles, creates many unique shapes that are similar to a kaleidoscope.

The filming moves well with the music; the camera pans and spins quickly when the song speeds up and moves slower when the song’s tempo slows.

October 21, 2008

Movie Poster Review: Ocean’s Eleven

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Ocean's Eleven

Ocean's Eleven


This poster for Ocean’s Eleven is very well done.  I’ve always been drawn to design that’s more simplistic, whether it’s in relation to color, shape, symmetry, line, etc.

The poster relies on prior knowledge.  It doesn’t actually say “Ocean’s Eleven” anywhere; there is just a large red 11.  However, the famous names in the cast are listed, along with a label for their character.  In this case, the big names are expected to draw in the audience to see this movie.  Yet, by keeping all of the character’s faces hidden, it shows that the ensemble as a whole is more important than one particular person.

There are only four colors used in this movie poster: black, grey, white, and red.  The straightforwardness of this decision has many affects.  It draws attention, explains a bit of the plot (the setting is in a casino, and the colors are similar to those found on playing cards), and shows the “facelessness” of all of the men.

The red 11 initially grabs the viewer’s attention, and then the long lines lead the viewer in.  The red, black, and white all complement and contrast one another; each part stands out individually, but they still fit together.

If I had to change this movie poster, I would have all eleven people visible in some way at the top.  However, I can see how this could make the design not as clean and neat; it could be too cluttered.  The viewer does get the point that the film is about eleven dark-suited men.  I would also add the title of the film in somewhere.  When advertising a movie, it seems that an important element is word of mouth, and knowing the name of the movie is important when discussing it.

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